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Our backgrounds are in customer service, architecture, engineering, and design/build.  We have earned credentials, certified projects, and obtained funding (grants, rebates, and loans). Low Energy Design, Inc (via a subsidiary effortlessdesign, inc ) has been been serving business directors and property owners since 2001, and has completed ecoNewBedford an EnergyStar certified sustainable neighborhood development and Center Cafe a healthy dining establishment. Similar involvements:

  • Humphreys Street Artist Studios adaptive reuse with City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Weatherization Training Center Plans, Air Leakage Controller Field Testing and Energy Auditing
  • LEED Certified CEO Residence analyzed and documented entire Structural Drawing Set
  • Jonathan's Organic Sprouts Water Conservation and Food Processing Facility Safety Requirements
  • Boston Architectural College Exhibit "Shelter & Beyond - Innovating for Communities in Need"
  • Town of Millbury, MA Alternative to Demolition - Historic Hull House Property stays on Commercial Tax Base

Low Energy Design, inc. 7 Monument Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02129                                  617-201-0397